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Hey guys! My name is Rachel and I am SO excited you're here! 

I'm a self taught artist living and working in Hamilton, Ontario.  I grew up with a passion for the visual arts but strayed away from it for several years as I entered into my 20’s and other parts of my life became a priority. Eventually I started to crave a creative outlet that would allow me to get my ideas down onto paper.. or canvas.  A few years later I’ve ended up here! 

My artwork is created primarily with a palette knife and layers upon layers of 100% acrylic paint. If it's not obvious, I love, love, love, bold colour and texture!  My process is simple, I don't think too hard about where I put the paint or exactly what colour I'm looking for, only the shape I want the final work to resemble.  Not every colour is the right choice and not every stroke of paint is in the right place. I am constantly fixing my mistakes covering them up with new mistakes but every once in  a while one of these misdirections leads me to a small success.  In some strange way the flaws and failures of the piece compile into its success, hopefully a visually pleasing and well balanced work.  I hope that my unique and unusually style of painting reminds the viewer not to take life too seriously, to stop getting hung up on the colours and work towards the bigger picture.  Be reminded that your flaws, failures and traumas are what make you a whole person, that not every mistake is a failure, and growth isn't always upwards. 

I want to portray a strong powerful yet graceful subject matter as a patchwork of missteps, flaws and failures. I want the viewer to look closely and see all the mistakes in the work, all the times I changed my mind and adapted as the piece took its shape.  Then I want them to step back and see not only a finished work but also the beauty that can seed out of life's aches and pains.

I hope you enjoy my work.


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Please get in touch for more information about Rachel Luzar Artwork, to discuss possible commissions, or for any media inquiries.

Represented by Rupert Young Fine Arts

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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